Counseling Information

Therapeutic Process

We know that things can seem overwhelming with the stress and strain of life. That's when Christ-centered counseling provides hope and permanent healing instead of temporary solutions. It is important to understand that you will get results from the therapeutic process as you actively participate in it. The ultimate purpose is to apply what you learn in session to your life.

Therefore beyond the work in session, your therapist may suggest homework such as reading a book, journaling, noting behaviors, or taking action steps on your goals. It is important to make positive changes and to be open to new perspectives as you meet the challenges and take responsibility for your life.


We want you to feel safe that your privacy is protected through our confidentiality policy.  Please know that all information shared between client and counselor cannot be disclosed except through written consent.

Exceptions Include:

Suspected Abuse

Serious harm to self or to another

Every effort to ensure safety will be taken.


News Worthy

We are pleased to announce our official opening December 5, 2016 at One Cypresswood Office Building located at 9950 Cypresswood Drive, Suite 355 in the NW Houston area.

(1/2 block east of Cypresswood Dr. & FM 249/Tomball Pkwy)